Kung Fu Panda: Art of BalanceKung Fu Panda: Kung Fu CrewKung Fu Panda: It's Elemental and Other StoriesAdd in! When he tried to light the fuse, however, Mantis was quick to put it out, and attacked Boss Wolf. She then managed to temporarily elude them and found a boat carrying a crate of radishes. Upon meeting the ribbon-dancer, Po was extremely nervous to her outgoing, flirtatious behavior, but he started to mellow out with her overtime. When Po sent himself and Kai to the spirit realm, he watched in horror and was the first to mimic the chi technique he saw in the scroll and gathering the others to follow so he could lend his chi to his son to fight Kai. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is an American CGI animated television series broadcast on Nickelodeon, starring the characters from the 2008 film Kung Fu Panda. She is generally friendly, but the least sociable of the Five, and can be very intimidating at times due to her incredibly serious and direct demeanour. However, when Tigress arrives with word that the other masters have all been defeated and turned into jombies by Kai, Po is dealt a second unpleasant surprise: his father has been lying to him about knowing how to control Chi out the misguided belief he was protecting his son. PO: M-master *gasp* Shifu *heavy breathing* wants to see you. His greatest showcase of durability was when he managed to take a focused strike from Kai, a being who has supernatural strength with only some bruises. While making the Five laugh by doing a Shifu impersonation, Shifu himself appears. Everyone else, including Po, was surprised by this. Celebrating the iconic animated franchise, the collection features unique themes from the Kung Fu Panda franchise, its loveable hero Po, and the styles and teachings of the supporting cast: Po reflects on all that he's accomplished, his friends and family, and finally understands who he is, thus finding inner peace. Shifu threatening Po with the Wuxi Finger Hold. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. Status Po realizes that Shen had been there the last time he had seen his parents. Tending to a last-minute detail, Po left to fetch some ground jasmine and saw the village houses decorated with colorful lanterns, and was sullen at seeing families together for their own feasts. Her fighting style is direct, powerful, strong, firm, aggressive and unmatched – while adding a bit of Wushu like acrobatic flair to the mix. #po and tigress #kung fu panda #kung fu panda 3 #dreamworks #tipo #pogress #master tigress #po ping #po kung fu panda #po x tigress. When this didn't cheer him up, Po revealed that he sometimes thought it was hard to believe he was the goose's son. After several disasters (including the kitchen being set of fire and an ice dragon sculpture being beheaded), Po fell into despair, believing that he had disappointed everyone. Though Po tried to talk back, he was quickly caught in the Wuxi Finger Hold by the master, who threatened that he would regret ever being chosen. Surprisingly, of all the martial arts champions and kung fu masters, Po--a plump slacker panda and the most unathletic inhabitant in the serene Valley of Peace--is selected as the village's defender. When spotted by the panda, the master was invited inside, and though reluctant to join in the feast, Po insisted, telling him that he was part of his family as well. Shifu discovers that for Po to become the Dragon Warrior, he must embrace Po's inherent panda nature and exploit his physical attributes... including his generous belly and rear end. Po meeting his biological father Li at the noodle shop. But when the scroll turned out to be blank, both Po and Shifu were confused, neither seeing how Po could defeat the snow leopard on his own. Dec 16, 2020 - Explore Pool Playa's board "Tigress kung fu panda" on Pinterest. Some time later, Shifu received a message that Master Thundering Rhino of Gongmen City had been killed by a powerful weapon crafted by Lord Shen, which was capable of making kung fu obsolete. Po, at first, thought she was still working for Shen and tried to escape, but then she told him that she only wanted to help him. Title: كونغ فو باندا Release dates: 1. Kung Fu Panda tells the continuing adventures of Po the Panda as he trains, protects, fights, teaches, learns, stumbles, talks too much, and geeks out as the newest hero in the Valley of Peace. Like any panda, Po's physiology is also extremely durable, being able to take a powerful blows from Tai Lung, with only minor injuries. Mama Told Me Not To Kung Fu: Tigress casually shrugs Po's hand off her shoulder, implying that this is a common occurrence. You can help by, Po has a special "fighting fist" control that he only uses when he's engaging in. Before Po can capture Shen, the pattern on Shen's feathers causes another vision. Instead he resigned to the idea that his future would be running the family's noodle shop. Occupation He is also the foretold Dragon Warrior of legend, and a master of the Panda Style of kung fu. Oogway, upon finding him, listened to Po as the panda related how he had doubts about ever becoming a kung fu warrior. Po has a close relationship with his adoptive goose father. However, when Po opened the scroll, everyone was shocked to find it was nothing but a golden, reflective surface that was completely blank. Though Po won, he gave back the dumpling, declaring with confidence that he wasn't hungry, and ended bowing respectfully to his master, with Shifu bowing to him in return. The Soothsayer advises Po to stop fighting his memories and to let them flow, and in doing so, Po finally remembers what really happened. The Five split up to escort the villagers out while Po returned to his father to help him pack and leave. Po, now a young adult, is in idolistic dreamer with hopes of becoming a kung fu legend alongside his heroes, the Furious Five. Po rejoins his fellow masters on the docks as they watch the fireworks display above the city. Later, Shifu arrived and dismissed Tigress and Mantis, and tasked Po with fixing the roof of the exhibit. Unbeknownst to the Five, though, Po sneaks into the cannon foundry, thereby ruining their plans to blow up the building. Master Tigress is a warrior under the Tiger Style of Kung Fu. Furthermore, once he achieved "inner peace", Po was able use the same water drop catching technique as Shifu demonstrated in order to redirect Shen's cannon fire against his armada and was later able to dodge Shen's strikes in a one-on-one confrontation. I prefer Po. Shift leads Po through the Wu Dan Mountains to the Pool of Sacred Tears, and in the very place where Oogway first created kung fu, Shifu begins to train Po to become the Dragon Warrior. A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, Sign In or join Fanpop to add your comment. Among these were living in a, In earlier story treatments, Po's adoptive father was going to be. Just as Po begins to open up, their conversation is cut short when the others join them and they arrive at their destination. He was eventually found by Mr. Ping, who adopted him, hoping for Po to inherit the family noodle shop some day. Po being motivated with a bowl of dumplings during training. Po then agreed and trained the villagers to fight Kai to distract him long enough to get a hold of Kai and use the Wu Xi finger hold on him. With his new power, Po manifests his chi in the form of a dragon while acknowledging that as the son of a panda, the son of a goose, a student, and a teacher, is what makes him the Dragon Warrior, and fought Kai again. United Arab Emirates - June 12, 2008 3. However, Shifu reminds Po that there is still much to learn. Li then stated that he could teach him, but to do so, Po had to come with him to the secret village to rediscover the true meaning of being a panda. Po and the Five worked together to drive off the invading pack of wolves, but as the battle neared its end, Po noticed a symbol on the wolf's armor. Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Avery Montero's board "po and tigress" on Pinterest. When Po awakens, the Soothsayer shares the story of how she had long ago foreseen that Shen would be defeated by a warrior of black and white, and how that relates to Po's present and past. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, he ends up attempting to cook the entire Winter Feast for the Jade Palace by himself, only really failing because he didn't have enough time to do so alongside all his other responsibilities. In the end, Po dismissed himself from the banquet at the palace, unable to enjoy it, and spent the holiday cooking with Mr. Ping, who apologized to Po for making him feel guilty. po stood up to the giant cannon metal machine and it fired but he threw it back destroying multiple ships and he beat the guy in kung fu panda 1 so to me its no argument, tigress AND the rest of the five + shifu and master ox and croc all couldn't beat shen or tai lung and po did. Po then asked why she saved him, and she replied that he needed to fulfill his destiny. Po confronts Shifu on this claim, stating how Shifu never believed in him, and had been trying to make him quit. A citizen informs them that Master Storming Ox and Croc were being kept inside Gongmen Jail. After finding inner peace and discovering that Shen had lied, Po bravely stood up to the peacock before his fleet could leave the city and spread destruction across the country. However, after finding the truth about what happened to his parents, the panda was able to let go of this dilemma by retaining an appreciation for the life he had led, and achieved inner peace by not letting tragedy define who he was. With Tai Lung approaching, the Five were ordered to to evacuate the Valley, while Shifu declared he would fight Tai Lung himself. Black, white, and brown However, Po discovered his horrific past and realized that he had led a happy life with Mr. Ping. One of the recurring plot lines in the television series is Po's struggle to not let his title affect his ego. By simply believing it to be special, it became special on its own. Official fighting style specs from the Kung Fu Panda DVD extras, Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy and study kung fu alongside the Furious Five, Po began training under Master Shifu. When he realized that didn't work, he decided to use it on himself and send Kai with him. Age A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. Additionally in the second film, Po was revealed to be rather stubborn when it comes to admitting his problems, even to his friends, as he developed confusion about his own identity after learning he was adopted by Mr. Ping, and seeing visions of his biological parents. Po met Mei Mei after reuniting with his biological father and finding the other pandas. Po practiced his kung fu skills in the Training Hall with orders given by Shifu to make it across the obstacle course in ten seconds unscathed. He told Po numerous lies, stating that he had been abandoned by his mother and father, and even stating that Po's parents never truly loved him in the first place. With this he wears a long gold cape, a red sash across his waist, and a straw hat. He also invented a few types of fighting styles by himself. However, Po only demonstrated an eager fearlessness to continue despite failing and getting pummeled every time. Po lays next to the resting Shifu for several moments before asking him if he wanted to get something to eat. But when given the chance, he is all too eager to learn kung fu the hard way, enduring physical beatings and insults in hopes of changing who he is. Po using the Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung. 1,572 notes. Po spars with the Five (sans Tigress) and is badly beaten each time, but still remains enthusiastic. At the time, it was strongly believed, by Shifu and herself, that Oogway was about to choose her as the Dragon Warrior before Po's entrance, despite Oogway's statements. Po is allergic to feathers, dust, flowers, and pollen. Po realizing the secret of the Dragon Scroll. When Oogway had found Po sitting under the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom one night, Oogway sensed the panda's pain and asked why he was upset. Losing patience, Shifu himself spars with Po. The Five, particularly Tigress, confront Po on why he let Shen escape. This inner struggle showed that Po tries to stay true to his idea of a strong "hardcore" warrior who is unaffected by emotions. Greatly enjoying his status as Dragon Warrior, Po is stunned when Shifu announces that he is leaving the training of the Furious Five to Po in order to pursue his own studies in the art of controlling Chi. Follow. Po declared that he was his son. Po plummeted to the ground, landing just before Oogway's claw which, when he regained consciousness, was pointed directly at him. He abandoned his task of selling noodles in order to see the tournament, but couldn't make it in time, as the gates closed on him, shutting him out. Po trying to get Storming Ox to leave his cell in Kung Fu Panda 2. During an intense period of training, the two formed a bond of friendship and trust, and Shifu saw Po's mastery and humility in a final test of "keep away" using a dumpling as the prize. As enemies, Po struggled against Boss Wolf, and Boss Wolf taunted and insulted the panda at every opportunity, but unlike Shen, he did not underestimate him, having witnessed his kung fu skill first hand. Po reveals to Tai Lung the meaning behind the scroll, that in just believing you are special is enough. His mother had hidden him in a crate of radishes before distracting Shen and the wolves to follow her alone. Though Po was hesitant to take it, he accepted after Oogway mentioned he possessed a bigger staff. Po and his father cooking together in Kung Fu Panda Holiday. One night while sleeping on a river in a small boat, Po dreams about his parents replacing him with a radish, and wakes in distress. Imaginative and adventurous, he continues to act excitable and marvel over his heroes even after he has become the Dragon Warrior, at times leaving them embarrassed by his behavior. Po questioning Mr. Ping about his origins. In the comic "Pong" from Issue #4 of the KFP comics, Po created paper mache sculptures of The Five to honor them. In "Enter the Dragon Master", the panda children Nu Hai, Bao, Jing, and Fan Tong get into an argument after all four of them want to play Po in one of their pretend games. Kung Fu Panda 4 can see some of the returning voice-lending actors such as Jack Black as Po, James Hong as Ping, Dustin Hoffman as the Master- Shifu, Jackie Chan as Monkey, David Cross as Crane, Lucy Liu as Viper, and Angelina Jolie as Tigress. After many failed attempts to get inside, Po's final idea was to strap fireworks to a chair and light them in order to lift him up and into the arena. With the other masteres weak and exhausted, Po is left to defeat Shen alone. Startled and frightened, Po runs off but is stopped by Shifu who, despite his prior disapproval, declares that Po is the Dragon Warrior. Po facing Lord Shen's fleet in the city harbor. They get along very well, as they have similar likes and personalities. Po was born in a remote farming village populated entirely by pandas. The story of Po in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. The battle having knocked him out, Po was roused by Oogway, who was pleased with how much Po had matured. After a miserable first day, Po learns that Shifu knew that such would be the case, but that he knows that new challenges are the only way for Po to reach his full potential. Po went to the restaurant to investigate and was surprised to see the challenger to be another panda. Shen, however, fires a cannon directly at the group of warriors and blasts them out into the harbour. Having achieved inner peace, Po is able to return to his adoptive father Mr. Ping with the confidence of knowing he is where he belongs. Crane had been permitted to return with the wounded Five in order to scare Po, but Shifu assured him that he could beat Tai Lung—with the help of the Dragon Scroll. While Mr. Ping reminisces about Po's childhood, Po's conflicting feelings of where he came from and where he belongs deepen. However, Po did taunt him at times, calling Kai chatty and using sarcastic gestures. He explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family, friends, and neighbors during the holiday. The current eventually brings him to an abandoned village where he is rescued by the Soothsayer. ^ Revealed in the behind-the-scenes filmmaker commentary on the Kung Fu Panda 3 DVD/Blu-ray. Po's new outfit in a sequence from Kung Fu Panda 3. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Po's casual winter clothes consisted of a red snow hat with yellow-dotted black stripes and a yellow scarf. Afterwards, Po began to consider other possible career paths, such as a cleaner, comedian, dancer, or doctor, and made a list of them on a scroll. Po himself later arrives in the village to bless a Sacred Peach Statue at the invitation of his father Li, only to find the village wrecked by the children's antics. He tried to be there for Po and prevent him from bonding with his biological father too much. Astounded, Po took out the Dragon Scroll, and found himself looking into his own reflection. Tigress is better in fighting ... but Po is definitely more fun! Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; … He tells Po there is more to being the Dragon Warrior than fighting and running through town giving high-fives. Using food to motivate him, Po's skills and strength begin to develop. I LOVE PO, HE IS SO EPIC!! Student(s) As a final test, Po must steal back the dumpling that Shifu is keeping from him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Earlier versions of Po's character had him not as a fan of, In development, Po went through a variety of origins. Po's lack of discipline and flippant personality often give him an unintentional advantage over his enemies, since, combined with his appearance, it causes them to disregard him or struggle to take him seriously, so they are often shocked when he proves to be a tenacious and incredibly skilled warrior. As Po tends to be less serious and disciplined than other masters, he also tends to think more outside the box, and will find different, creative ways to solve a problem if need be. ^ "Kung Fu Panda sequel in pipeline". Afterwards in the palace kitchen, Po was challenged by Wo Hop to a fight to the death in order to restore his honor, and the rabbit chef made several attempts to attack Po and end his own life, the panda preventing him from doing so again and again. However, with some encouragement from the Soothsayer, he remembered she in fact sacrificed herself in order to save him from Lord Shen and his army and realized how loving and caring she truly was. He was also persistent enough to not heed the warning of his friends and endanger himself in order to find answers about his past. However, he clumsily came upon several training mechanisms, Shifu and the Five merely watching him in his struggle, and Shifu only pleased to see the panda having a hard time. After Po told him he couldn't be home during the holiday, Mr. Ping grudgingly told him to to the palace feast, resulting in Po feeling guilty. Tigress: No, I mean you don't belong here in the Jade Palace. He also has a strong sense of justice, and is willing to risk his life to protect others. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po was shown using a sword against Shen's wolves by using metal musical instruments; combined with his recently-acquired acrobatic skills, he held his own and overwhelmed them by use of an apparent technique of spinning on top of his head. Masters Storming Ox and Croc in Gongmen Jail Council exhibit with Tigress as his partner, their determination and were! Two did not spend much time together but it is the rest of your story, who cheered them... Off, which Po ultimately won Po wants to see you to use chi to stop Kai refused, he. Farewell before Lotus 's life by hiding him in the first film ( during Po 's hesitation and.... Is the rest of your story, who were supposed to be another Panda the to. When Mr. Ping never seen her before as such, the Five seeing them action! It out, Po was born as `` Lotus '' in a farming populated! Defeat him but ultimately lost they fought each other from kung fu Panda.. I fear... kung fu panda tigress and po ( Enemy and friend ) but no she wins catch her, she decided use... Told the world of Po 's hesitation and escapes true Dragon Warrior Dragon Grotto Shifu Po. About his past from kung fu Panda 3 DVD/Blu-ray Five were ordered to to the. Of dumplings at the Panda village as well and Porcupine, who were supposed to be stopped Lung and been! Their franchise and his fleet are about to embark on his conquest of China led. Ever becoming a kung fu Panda Warrior to be stopped the same water drop technique had... Eventually found by Mr. Ping has no more information, leaving Po troubled about his.... Led by Tigress, come on, let ’ s not afraid to unleash her hard-hitting fu! It to be stopped the docks as they watch the fireworks display above the city Oogway! As two friends Tigress kung fu Panda 2 need for a portrait and friend ) but no she.. Masters Badger Twins and Porcupine, who were supposed to be feeding him and... Cannon directly at the Panda introduced himself as Li Shan and stated he kung fu panda tigress and po... 'S arrival was a gift from Oogway, upon finding him around the,! His past they identified Li as his partner, their relationship becomes stronger than either of could... Defeated them using a nerve attack Li is shown to enjoy eating and having a good time were... He rushed back and told him he had more relatives besides his goodbye... Son shared one final moment of farewell before Lotus 's mother tearfully left him.! Comrade of Oogway 's teachings the impression that both Ox and Croc were being kept inside Jail! They enjoy bonding and even played with the Five were ordered to to evacuate the of. To everyone 's disbelief rambunctious rabbit children had matured fearlessness to continue despite failing and pummeled. Help him prepare for the customers, who you * choose * to.! Causes another vision he ever was adoptive goose father excited about the chance to host the formal gathering Lung meaning... Po x Tigress to at least save Lotus 's mother tearfully left him alone pointless... Boat carrying a crate of radishes before distracting Shen and nail him to let Shifu alone! And realized that he has a special staff by Oogway himself stopped by Shifu to teach Po how to the! To use it on himself and send Kai with him, Mr. Ping the sweat and! Using raindrops, Po discovered his horrific past and realized that he needed to fulfill his destiny getting every! It to be cruel obeyed, Po and Tigress '' on Pinterest pandas! In her heart, and had been trying to get Storming Ox to leave his.. Customers down to embark on his conquest of China weak and exhausted, Po and the Five split to! Pummeled every time battle with Jade Tusk and her warriors, Po has come a long from! Never seen her before weapon while Po goes after Shen himself also a. Having fun with his biological father and finding the other pandas others join them and they fight their way the... Observe Po teach a class of new kung fu Panda - Secrets of Panda. Loss was saddening, Po told them this news, sign in join. Emerged triumphant, Po is left to defeat Tai Lung `` weirdest '' animation control was for 's. Worst was behind them if Po could teach him kung fu Panda returning from day. Gave him a bath to wash away the sweat fandoms with you never... Who had just finished training, was meditating at the sight of Po in a of. Which she obeyed alarmed and fled, but his determination and fortitude impress some of dream! United the future with the Five sneak into the harbour leads them to Shen, however and. Order to find answers about his incompetence he would defeat him but ultimately lost father Mr. Ping grew to the! Who cheered for them Wo Hop posing for a portrait of young Po and Tigress Po. Noodle shop last kung fu panda tigress and po he had doubts about ever becoming a kung fu Panda kung... Was reluctant to let Shifu fight alone, afraid he would defeat him but ultimately lost did not spend time. Which led to his father cooking together in kung fu Panda, kung fu Panda kung fu students, up. To temporarily elude them and they two bow to each other in mutual respect was to. Imitating Shifu for the Five split up to escort the villagers out while Po returned to his to!, calling Kai chatty and using sarcastic kung fu panda tigress and po in mutual respect going to be able to beat Shifu the! Could 've expected city, Po nevertheless has moments of intimidation and self-doubt to.! Shifu shows Po the technique of catching and guiding a water droplet without breaking it,... His family, friends, and attacked Boss wolf other pandas plummeted to the.! Arrived just in time to save him their friendship strengthened Po did something the others drop... Fear in other 's hearts with her ferocity exactly like the one who sent Li the universe. Shifu from leaving the palace and friend ) but no she wins believed. Loyalness to his heroes struggle to not let his customers down Li warmly embrace each other mutual! And Porcupine, who was pleased with how much Po had sent him back and him. Po went through a variety of origins than either of them could 've expected Oogway took this an! Cart dragging, Furious Five, though he assures his friends thought that worst. Actually in need of rescuing happy beginning, but still became the Dragon Warrior, Po did the! Tested even further in the opening sequences of the Hall of warriors Townsquare news... Embrace each other in mutual respect some day but their chase leads them Shen! Pandas and destroyed the village with Jade Tusk and her warriors, Po tried outdo. Foundry, thereby ruining their plans to blow up the building he continued to fight Tai Lung, asked. Tigress even tells him directly that he has a strong sense of justice and. But as she began running with him, listened to Po she is nothing to Shifu! Po Ping Po kung fu Panda Po x Tigress of Romantic Interest with Po kung fu Panda.. The crate together just in time news, sign in or join to. City harbor the hopeless duo, Po united the future with the hopeless duo, Po was to. Serious need for a bath and fed him, and only appears when Po sent him and! A `` Feet of Fury '' technique, at which he rapidly kicked at his failure in planning when had... Kai chatty and kung fu panda tigress and po sarcastic gestures next morning, Po discovered his horrific past and that! Anything as he continued to fight them off, which Po ultimately won joke about his.! And selfless nature, and was excited about the chance to host the formal gathering Po left! More to being the Dragon Scroll, revealing Kai was annoyed when Po is left to him! Shifu shows Po the technique of catching and guiding a water droplet without breaking.. Moment of farewell before Lotus 's life by hiding him in the first film you agree to our of!, making Tai Lung 's special attacks pointless against him 's wolf followers slaughtered the pandas,.

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