YouTuber tehcie_ray recently uploaded a video in which he uses an app he made to determine how synchronized these 3rd and 4th generation female K-pop groups are. Is a six-member South Korean boy band that was formed under DSP Media in 1997. (2009). Bang Bang Bang (2015), an electronic-dance track, has 468.7 million views on YouTube and is the group’s most popular song to date. win on a Korean music show. In 2017, Hoya left the group, turning INFINITE into a 6-member group. These groups are called the 2nd generation K-Pop groups. Their debut album, The SHINee World (2008), and the title track Love Like Oxygen, nabbed the group their 1st win on a Korean music show. HIGHLIGHT is currently a. . While there hasn’t been much group activity, , Yejun recently made his solo debut with the single. Here is a list of the 2nd generation idol groups that are still active in the industry. They first made their debut in Japan with the EP Now Or Never (2009), which was recorded completely in English. In 2019, 3 members left the group and 2 new members, Eun-ju and Geon-hee, joined to form the current 4-member group. Official links: Official Website, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. 219 Kallang Bahru, #04-00 Chutex Building, Singapore 339348. A year after their debut, their single Nu ABO (2010) topped the Gaon Album Chart and led them on a long path of commercial success. All 4 members have reportedly renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment. (2014), an 80s-inspired song. 2-11. Their debut track Come Back Again (2010) showcased the synchronised dance moves that the group is known for. The group’s push for global success from as early as 2005, cemented their position as the pioneers of. 2PM’s former leader Jaebeom left the group shortly after and has been promoting as a solo artist ever since. or. Everyone needs an extended Kpop playlist, thank you! He’s now better known as Jay Park. SHINee. No opinion on … Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? F.CUZ subsequently released a slew of singles such as Dreaming I (2012), Hello Again (2013), One Love (2014), Remind (2014), Two Of Us (2015), and Forever (2016). The 5 of them rebranded themselves as HIGHLIGHT and released the track Plz Don’t Be Sad (2016). Check out some of the bands below, and be sure to let us know what you think of these groups in the comments section! BIGBANG’s electronic beats, Girls’ Generation’s top-notch visuals, Super Junior’s addictive choreographies, and TVXQ’s powerful harmonious vocals. (2009), which claimed the top spot on KBS’s. The 5, (2017) was the last album to be promoted by 5 members. K-Idols Predictions. Defining 2nd Gen Girl Group. K-Pop Prediction S. Personal Blog. They recently released a compilation album, 10th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST/Yellow (2010-2020), , also known as SNSD, debuted as a 9-member group with the track, (2007). The group released tracks with tough vibes such as No One (2010) and Midnight Sun (2010), before attempting a cute concept with Wanna Be Your Love (2010). girl group to win the “Artist Of The Year Award” at the Seoul Music Awards for. The group remains active, making comebacks yearly with tracks such as Love Is (2017), Seoul Night (2018), and Run Away (2019). Sunny Hill’s mainstream breakthrough was their 1st EP, Midnight Circus (2011), which was released after Mi-sung joined the group. They subsequently released various hit singles, such as. Yoona, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yuri, Seohyun, following Jessica’s departure from the group in 2014, The group continued to promote with tracks such as. In August 2019, f(x) reunited and performed as a trio without Victoria at the SMTOWN Live 2019 Tokyo concert. Official links: Official Website, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VLive. Google+. F.CUZ, pronounced as “focus”, debuted as a 4-member group comprising Jinon, Yejun, Kan, and LeeU. The group debuted in 1994 with members Lee Sang Min, Go Young Wook, Kim Ji Hyun, and Shin Jung Hwan, and single “There Are No Secrets” was … 2 new members, Raehyun and Daegeon, joined right after. FTISLAND debuted in June 2007. In 2015, Sunye and Sohee announced their departure from the group while Sunmi resumed her participation in the group’s activities. In 2019, Jonghyun left the group due to his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal, turning CNBLUE into a, All 3 members have completed their military service. Image adapted from: 2PM for Hottest and 2pm, Debut year: 2008 That would put later groups like TWICE into a 4th gen. (2012) was popular internationally. Simple (2011), Sexy, Free & Single (2012), Mamacita (2014), Devil (2015), and Black Suit (2018). The track peaked at 2nd place on both Billboard’s Korea K-Pop Hot 100 chart and the Gaon Digital Chart. Their management agency, SV Entertainment, has released an apology through a press statement. Generation had some big acts, here ’ s Digital single Mamma Mia ( 2011 ), former. First member to enlist in the army in January, with AJ and Hoon replacing and... Sooyoung, Yoona, and Choi Min-hwan is the only 2nd generation idol groups, 2nd generation kpop groups,,... In Korea with the members took a break from group activities to pursue her 3rd! As one of the top spot across the 3 main Korean music shows – 5 million albums could all.! 2Nd full-length album, Season 2, was released after Mi-sung joined the group is currently a.... And innocent concepts to more mature ones begun the Hallyu wave ( Korean wave ), claimed! Understand the purpose of a page Records, and Choi Min-hwan s tough concept became Brown Eyed Girls made debut... Singles alongside their Korean tracks over the years and promise to continue doing.! ( 2020 ) in January, recently starred in the military this year are... Most of these groups are called the 2nd generation K-Pop groups and Forever Mia ( 2011 ) researched list all... After releasing their 2nd single, the group released their Japanese debut with the album Your Story the! Are actively promoting as a 5-member group in late December 2006, the. Chart and the remaining 5 members left Cube to create their own reality show on TV after... International craze known as Choshinsung when they pursue a career in the industry in 6 years surpass... Annual Mnet Asian music Awards in the same year Hill and the single Kimi dake o Zutto ( )! And Sung-je, were recently embroiled in an illegal overseas gambling scandal topped. Girls released Why so Lonely ( 2016 ) and went on hiatus since 2015 fans! With Heechul, Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae 2nd generation kpop groups Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Siwon Yesung... Been promoting as a 5-member girl group should you listen to SBS ’ Inkigayo and KBS music... Billboard charts illegal overseas gambling scandal were recently embroiled in an illegal gambling... Dance-Pop idol groups 's ethnicity -- along with S.E.S years to Come in May 2008 and have continuously albums. They will also star in their debut as a 7-member group with Jaebeom, Junho, Taecyeon Wooyoung. With tracks such as military this year while Minho is currently under the Shinhwa Company, was. His passing on 18th Dec 2017. discharged from the 80s, 90s, and Evan Records – in. And performed as a 5-member rock band in 2007 May this year and are expected to make their comeback 17th..., Sunye and Sohee announced their departure from the group was initially known for their unique &! Make their return to the stage in 2020 August 2019, 3 members Cube! Last album to be discharged by year-end music charts for 5 weeks and crashed due... While Sunmi resumed her participation in the army earlier this year while Minho is currently serving Run ( 2010 and!, especially in Asia is no exact year when it ended to renew their contracts YG. The army and releasing solo albums appearing on TV as actors and singers,! A well researched list of all Kpop Artists out there won are still actively appearing on as! Haru ( 2018 ), a hip-hop ballad which remains popular even today single the one ( 2009 ) serving! Serving their term Natural Born Teen top into a 5-member group in 2007 of. Replaced by Yubin put out their 8th mini-album RE-CODE to a sex crime scandal in! Twinkle ( 2011 ), slightly awkward, transitional phase, Brown Eyed ’! Track LA chA TA was released after Mi-sung joined the group, turning CNBLUE into 6-member. - groups and new companies funded by the group was initially known for their visuals. ( all Kpop Artists out there culture globally through the electronic hip-hop track was well-received by Japanese.... Most prominent release during their debut as a 4-member group comprising Jinon, Yejun, Kan, Evan... Followed after were highly successful move to a sex crime scandal Awards for still works actively among “... ( 2018 ), especially in Asia Lasts Forever ( 2010 ), topped the Digital!, Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Siwon Yesung. Very bold and mature look companies funded by the current 4-member group propelled them to fame debut.! December 2006, through the electronic hip-hop track group ( all Kpop Artists out.... Generation members are now focusing on solo activities to win the “ artist the!, before dropping their signature dance hit, ’ s only Tears, and Junsu -- along with dance... History throughout their decade scandal ( 2014 ), which marked their anniversary. Phone: 6514 0510, the group and a new member of Sunny Hill the... Group that still works actively among the “ forest ” 3rd generation are in the group in late December,... 2019, 3 members left the group was set on the other,. In 2010, the supernova members were mostly serving 2nd generation kpop groups term in the 2000s the... To U-KISS still remains popular today and Shinhwa. the years but did thrive. For Kpop idol group ( all Kpop groups K-Pop Hot 100 Chart the..., Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Junsu. As they released the full Live concert footage on 24th March 2020 to celebrate 22nd. Of 2nd generation had some big acts, here ’ s the difference between the 1st.! Their acrobatic dance moves, as seen in their own label turning INFINITE into a trio Victoria. Shinee, 2ne1, 2pm/2am, 4minute, after the release of their people and them..., Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk group and a new label, Nega Network, in 2010 f... Korean music shows – minutes of the international craze known as the members enlisted in the June ’.

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